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Selected EAW Links

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Basic Documents

The original 1998 EAW Keyboard card

The original 1998 EAW Pilot's Guide (265 pages)

MarkShot's 2000 European Air War Strategy Guide

Chompy's Stall and Spin Recovery Tutorial ... orial.html

Discussion Boards and Social Media

EAW Facebook Page

SimHQ (2006-to date) ... an-air-war

CombatAce (2009-to date) ... n-air-war/

The Gog release of EAW 1.2

The Steam release of EAW 1.2

Discussion Board Archives

SimHQ EAW forum archive (2000-2006) ... 1/EAW.html

What remains of the original EAW forum archive (On the WayBack Machine)(mostly 2001) ... forum&f=76

Archive of the more recent Combatsim EAW forum ... ar/?page=1

Archive of the defunct Frugal's World On the WayBack Machine. Index page and preview of posts (page 1 at least!) ... forumid=24

Current EAW Sites

IMPORTANT NOTE: all of these file archives are in the original 1.0 format, thus aircraft files are in the plane slot name format, screens may be in the 640x480 format. These will be compatible with EAW 1.0 to 1.28C, and both Steam and GOG releases of 1.2.

Screens may be compatible with EAW 1.0 to 1.28C.

Aircraft models and skins may be compatible with EAW 1.0 to 1.29.

All of these files will not be immediately compatible with EAW 1.3 to 1.6. The file format is however identical and they can be renamed and used in those versions - see viewtopic.php?f=50&t=6239

EAW Tally-Ho. The largest store of classic EAW files

Cord's EAW Page - at TallyHo, but not indexed

Aces over Europe - Modred's complete and self-installing mod on the air war over the period of time from 1943 to 1945. A re-invigoration of EAW 1.2

EAW File archives: Still Existing (but not recently updated) Sites

vonOben's Flight Sim Mods. Home of the Finnish Air War mod

Check Six. Alain James French site

RAF Chattenden-Moggy's EAW Site

Jason and Steves EAW Site

Luftsiege's Home

LLv34, FAF and Soviet Planes

56th Fighter Group Skins ... _skins.htm

EAW File archives: Sites archived by The Wayback Machine Internet Archive
(Important Notes:
(1) These archived pages may not be complete, not all links may work, and although some download links may work, many will not.
(2) Where there is a separate link for the archived files, download by right hand clicking the link and chosing "Save link as"
(3) Some files if downloaded from the Internet Archive may not be useable. It's a lottery really :)
(4) Any files which are downloadable and useable will be in the original 1.0 format, see IMPORTANT NOTE above


The Hangar - Airbudha's Extensive site ...
for archived files*/http://ww ...*
or ... index.html
for archived files*/http://ww ... om/Files/*

Jan Tuma`s EAW Page ... ndex2.html
for archived files see*/* filter for "zip"

Fabio Mele's EAW Skins ...
for archived files see*/* filter for "zip"

Pisis' EAW Page ... z/menu.htm
for archived files see*/http://pi ...* filter for "zip"

EAW Glider's Page ... /index.htm
for archived files see*/http://gl ...* filter for "zip" and "rar".

Beerman's World/F373 "EARLDUKE" ... lduke.html

Salty's EAW Fighters ...