New French speech pack project ?

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Lolo Kramp
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New French speech pack project ?

Post by Lolo Kramp »

Hi everybody

I've already done a french speech pack to be used with the first version of AITW (Fighter and only one voice). Then I did a bomber one for Moggy Dunkirk.

I started LOOONNNG ago a multi voices one with Freddy but didn't finish it ( :oops: Shame on me). How about a new speech pack dedictated to AITW Mark II???

Based on the first one, It will include FreddyB voice (Already recorded, just have to had the effect) and I will really be pleased if one of our Czeck mates ( :wink: Did I mention Pisis ?) or Polish will help to add some Czeck or Polish wingmen voices... Maybe we can do also Briefing voices...

Do you find it a good idea ?

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Post by Moggy »

Would be an excellent idea!
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Post by Pisis »

:D Of course, but my French skills are absolutely "ZHERO". But maybe that could be even more impressive - foreign pilot must speak a bit wierd, ya know. :wink:

Something from the history: Most of our pilots in France speak French fluently, cause it was a compulsory subject in the Cs. first republic, they had more problems with English after enetering the RAF. :)

We have arranged a RAF speechpack with Freddy already, but he seems to be "retired"... :?:
Please Lolo, let me know what & how :wink: at

Chausser Cne. Pisis :D
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Post by FreddyB »

Bonjour les amis ! Salut Lolo !

First, let me say that I am only retired from graphic addons.
This is why, I am sending to Pisis my hangarscreen projects.

I still have the project of updating the RAF speechpack with people like Pisis, Moggy, Pobs, Dumoulin, VonBeer, + others ...
It is just delayed to 2005

I am pleased to learn Lolo is planning to update his French speechpack, using the speeches I recorded for him one year ago (or maybe more... :lol: ), because Lolo helped me too for the RAF speechpack version 1.
Pisis, your contribution would be a great addition to this speechpack.
I don't know if we still have Polish members at SimHQ-EAW : we previously had Wolfman, Legarto, Leon but they all moved to other skies...

You could still borrow speechfiles from Leon's Polish Wingmen speechpack which is very good (I did this for the RAF SP) Some of the speech files do not include any English, you could try them, or recruit a new Polish voice... but where ?

Good luck, les amis.
If you need help, I'll should not be too far away...
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