Carrier decks

To upgrade the 2001 Midway addon
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Carrier decks

Post by Moggy »

I just sent this email to Col Gibbon who has taken on the job with Dean of redoing the carrier decks now that we have the airfield shape editor.

The Midway used Tmods are as follows:

1 - battleship
2 - battle cruiser
3 - parked PBY
4 - patrol boat
6 - seaplane tender
8 - seaplane hangar
9 - parked Mavis
14 - Harbour walls
17 - light AA (point 3dz only)
18 - heavy AA (point 3dz only)
19 - default - oil storage
20 - Jap fleet carrier island (1 - right hand)
21 - default - radar tower
23 - default - gun batteries
24 - default - fuel dump
25 - US carrier island
26 - Jap fleet carrier island (2 - left hand)
27 - default - hangar
28 - default - barracks
29 - default - "Admin building"
30 - default - Oclub
31 - watch tower
44 - Jap main mast (for light carriers id as "light carrier")
46 - US carrier mast
47 - parked wildcat
48 - parked B17
50 - default - fuel truck
51- default - truck
52 - default - truck
54 - default - staff car
56 - default - sherman - "light tank"
57 - default - troop ship
67 - Jap carrier radio masts
72 - default - destroyer

The following are therefore free slots:

7, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, (22), 32-43, 45, 49, 53, 55, 58-66, 68

Both AA 3dzs were concealed within likely AA positions like the battleships/destroyers gun emplacements (blockhouses) or watch towers. They were used without any concealing 3dz on the carriers.

The 3dz superstructres for the carriers are like this:

(1) US carriers (Enterprise, Hornet, Yorktown): island 25, mast 46

(2) Jap Fleet carriers (Akagi, Kaga, Hiryu, Soryu): island left sided carriers 20, right sided carriers 26, radio masts 67

(3) Jap light carriers (Hosho, Zuiho): main mast 44

The islands for the US and Jap fleet carriers I skinned from the Osprey illustrations. The masts are simple two or three plane 3dzs I did from scratch.

I had to use two different tmods for the right and left handed Jap carriers because in 2000 I had no way of dealing with the hit points of the tmod slot I was using. If I used the right handed island on a left handed ship or vice versa, I'd get invisible hit points strung across the carrier deck.

This is some stuff I had from Peter Lynn back in 2000:

"the IJN painted a hinomaru on the decks of their carriers which the Dauntless pilots at Midway used for an aiming point... Japanese carriers like all their warships were treated with a dark grey finish, with the exception of the large meatball reported at Midway, painted on the deck towards the bow

The Americans used a navy blue stain on their decks pretty well instantly war looked inevitable ... Navy Blue was a dark blue grey which with wear and waethering became patchy ... the colour navy blue looks similar to the blue/grey upper surface colour used before Sea Blue was used in the three tine aircraft scheme, the main difference being that the ship colour was based on a Prussian Blue base rather than the ultramarine used on the aircraft ... The US navy ship colours were all in fact based on adding varying dergrees of white to the navy blue to obtain several shades right down to horizon grey ... the only break in the blue flight deck stain would be the painting of demarkstation lines and a number for the vessel on the flight deck, initially in black (which defeated the purpose) and later in yellow... overall this colour would lose much its blueness due to pigment instability ...when seen with an all navy blue ship scheme these surfaces would appear somewhat lighter due to the effects of fading and being exposed to sunlight for a far greater time than the vertical surfaces ...."

Confusing innit? In the end the schemes I actually used were a compromise of the sources.

Scale??? I see from my original notes that I knew that two EAW scales were used in tmods:

1 click = 4.5 cm (i.e. aircraft. small Tmods)
1 click = 9 cm (large Tmods such as ships)

I used the large scale in making the battle ships etc.

In making the carrier decks I used this scale in combination with DOM's estimate of a tile size.
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Post by Pobs »

Thanks Moggy, it is always useful to have a list of the tmods used in campaigns, saves a lot of time looking for an existing model if you want to nick it :):).....


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