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CAW Credits

Posted: Mon May 21, 2007 10:34 am
by Moggy
Just to keep track of these:

Original idea: Captain Kurt
Coordinated by: Moggy

Mapmaking and basic tile layout: Von Oben & Neira
Detailed tile layout of cities, rivers, coastline: Moggy
Terrain tiles: Neira and Moggy

Target layout: Moggy
Local target layout: Moggy
Terrain object layout: Neira & Moggy

Carriers adopted from PAW by Moggy
Skinned by Pobs
Other Tmods: Geo, Von Beerhoven, SagginB, Col Gibbon, and others

Aircraft slotting: Rotton50 & Moggy
Aircraft FMs, guns & loadouts: Charles Gunst & Rotton50