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Choosing the US Squads for CAW 1944

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2004 7:08 pm
by Moggy
I've uploaded to the CAW FTP Campaign folder a spreadsheet which is the interim product of the last few weeks work on US squads for CAW.

The operations-carriers-squads data is based on the stuff from Kurt and Neira with other stuff I've been able to find, and the idea was to bring together a matrix of information showing which Carrier Air Groups were on which carrier on which date in which operation, the idea being that I could then extract from that simple carrier group histories as a basis for the CAW campaign files. You'll see I have created separate sheets for the more prominent CAGs (officially known as "CVGs") with some small details about the fighter squads at least, and the rest are in the "other CVGs" tab.

A Carrier Air Group at this time typically included a fighter, dive bomber, and torpedo squadron. Hence CVG-1 would contain VF-1, VB-1, and VT-1. The fleet carriers also had a flight from one of the early night fighter squads.

What I need are comments on which US squads we want in the career files? Which are the more famous or celebrated. Which have future Presidents as aircrew? Which squads are the average user more likely to want to fly? The only suggestions I have is that we should get in one or more squads from the light carriers along with the big boys, and have at least one which did night ops.

So comments on your favourite squad are very welcome. We need to work out which squads we're featuring so we know which carriers in the task groups to make functioning bases.

See the sticky post on the central file repository as to downloading files.