The traditional Charter of the EAW Community

Sadly neccessary bureaucratic bumpf for guidance. New recruits start here!
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The traditional Charter of the EAW Community

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When I joined the EAW community in October 2000, it had weathered many storms, and had come to understand its nature. This was the charter of the original forum at Combatsim, and I don't think it can much be improved on. Thanks to Doug (Admin) and Old Guy from Combatsim, and Frugals for making this available:

Welcome to the European Air War (EAW) forum.

European Air War is just a game. The EAW forum is a group of people who play EAW, help others who want to play the game, create new skins, terrain, and utilities, which make the game more enjoyable. This group has become a community.

The EAW community is interested in aviation, especially WW2 military aviation and all that relates to that subject. Aviation nose art, military history, our father's war stories, official records, Vargas pinups, and everything else that occurred during or has been written about the war is considered to be "on-topic" for this forum.

This is a community of people who have become familiar with the likes, dislikes, personal tragedies, and often twisted sense of humor common to forum members. A small amount of OT posts are acceptable and indeed are quite healthy, "Babe" posts, for instance, are often used to "reward" participants for distinguished behavior, for the results of hard work, or just for the hell of it.

Take some time to become familiar with the others on the forum. Ask questions about EAW, your computer, WW2 aviation, or whatever you wonder about concerning EAW and WW2. If a post says "OT" for off-topic or ?Babe? and you don't like what you find there, leave that thread quietly and don't go back. It's that simple.

In an attempt to keep unreasonable or just plain vicious attacks off the forum, we suggest the following:

EAW Forum: Suggested Code of Conduct

#1: Do not post messages which are an attack on other people, places, genders, etc (such posts will earn you a ban). Instead, post your email address and request a response from whoever you want to engage in written combat. On-forum fights get nasty and leave wounds which damage our community.

Humorous posts in reasonable taste are always allowed. If someone insists on being offended, so be it.

Keep your political and religious views to yourself. We don't care if you are left-wing, right-wing or whether you worship snakes. Go visit a forum that caters to your particular brand of whatever-the-hell and unload there.

#2. If a topic makes you angry, log-off, drink a beer, walk the dog, run a couple of combat missions in EAW, and take some time before posting a response. If the anger is still there, read #1.

#3: If you are the subject of a personal attack, please do not respond but instead report the post to a moderator who will take appropriate action to ensure the harmony of the forums is maintained.

Again, Welcome to the forum. Wipe your feet, pull up a chair, and have fun!
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