Aircraft selection and present status

Shreck's and Rotton50's "what if" scenario

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Why don't you guys post all this in SimHQ? It's allways been the EAW central point of EAW knowledge. Are you afraid of what people will think?
Don't you understand that maintaining a central point is of vital importance for this game's continuation?
I'm glad you like the approach Wudpecker, it's not really too hard. Nor is creating entire continents in just 3 days. You should not be posting inhere but in SimHQ as it's the more visible flightsim community as is Frugal's.
People in HQ like seeing your pictures, it shows the game is still very much alive but a community with only 99 members will not stand a chance against one which has thousands.
It doesn't have to be par with what I or others create, the fact that you're still on it will keep people interested and increase the ammount of views, and that even goes for my rants.
It's like a soap opera where people only love seeing disagreements, I still like you guys even though I have to show another way of doing things.
No matter how you think of me, I still like most of you guys as I know you only are searching for improvements. Occasionally or perhaps more often lately I loose it because I just can't believe reading remarks from people who I know never created anything significant in their lives but praise the most terrible approaches to heaven.
It's all very nice to stay within your protected cocoon, get a shouldertap from your protectors, but you'll not learn how a sctrutinising community will judge your tries.
Perhaps that's what you want and why you stay inhere instead of out there.
I do know how hard it is and how I'm trying to show you what can be done, how it may dammage your own efforts. It's not about realism of my models but about what can be achieved when you really put some truely hard work into it. I mean you can change the textures anytime but creating the model with only 256*256 pixels at your disposal and getting a truely hires result is something else.
That's what I am aiming for and I still can see the possibillaties for improvements as you surely must be able to see too.
Don't stick to oldfashioned ways but be innovative and put some real hard work into it. Stretch those models to it's maximum and you'll find there still is room for improvement.
To all of you I can only say, I do respect your efforts but I can't help to show things which I believe are in everyone's capabillaties, I just can't tell you how to do it when some are telling me it's all crap but I still think you can see how in the pictures I post.
I'm just an old fool who believed we could all be in a single place, sharing our knowledge freely, without restrictions. It wasn't to be but I did try.

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