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Shreck's and Rotton50's "what if" scenario
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sure Ray(see below)
yes Iron Mike,send 'em on!

.....EAW terrain consists of the following,the EAW tm,or tile matrix,giving the location and orientation of each tile in-game.

.....EAW16 hm,or height map,which gives the height of each tile in-game

.....the tiles in EAW consist of 59 (BN)256X256 PCXs,converted via picpac into .TER files,the other 59 are (LR)128X128 PCXs,converted into TER files(all of my tiles,whether BN or LR are all 256X256,game doesnt care)

.....another tile type in EAW,is the TH tile,these are used on coastal and river tiles to allow "water detection",i.e. you crash on the shore,or explode in the water....

....the EUROPE1.PIC is of course the "in-flight" map
all of this has been explained by much larger brains than mine,I refer you to Moggys notes,Charles Gunsts notes,etc.
any questions?
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