Japan '46 weapons set

Shreck's and Rotton50's "what if" scenario
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Japan '46 weapons set

Post by rotton50 »

Here's the weapons set for both campaigns:


250 lb bomb
500 lb bomb
1000 lb bomb
2000 lb bomb
23 lb parafrag bomb
50 gal napalm
150 gal drop tank
5" HVAR rocket
Tint Tim rocket


100 kg bomb
220 kg bomb
500 kg bomb
10 kg aerial bomblet
300 ltr drop tank
30 kg air to air rocket
60 kg air to ground rocket

In searching the 'net I found that the Japanese were experimenting with R4M type air to air rockets and panzerfaust air to ground rockets. I couldn't find a proper name for them, hence the generic designation.

As for other weapons mod packages I've done, the bombs and rockets are able to be lauched in salvos rather than the default one shot per weapon.

Any further info would be appreciated but not necessary.

Post by Stratos »

Oh YES Tiny Tims!!
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