a "Flower Power" community that may be interested in ANY part of aircraft sim creation ..... from creating models all the way to creating code
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Hi Tony,

Nads, Knegel and I ran a few multiplayer flights with the new game code and all looks to be running fine.

Knegel was running as HOST and Nads and myself had no problems joining a running game. I think the basic networking part is now doing what we all wanted of it. We now have working HOST/CLIENT/SERVER modes.

There still is some aircraft stuttering going on, but that should get resolved over the next one to two weeks when the new networking library gets released and the game code recompiled with it. Even if the networking library never gets this bug sorted out, we have other options available to code that problem out of existence.

There is a "RODNOC" zip file at the same place where the original files existed for this game.
As you have offered to host the compiled files for others to download, could you collect them from their current location and host them within your net space.

We will have to get together for a chat on the TS server and see how we will distribute the source files to the various interested parties, so that we can start fleshing out the missing parts from this project.
I suspect the next step would be to integrate projectiles like bullets into the game, but before we do this it would be best to get all interested parties to a level where they can compile their own executables .

Maybe providing screen capture mode may be a better first thing to do as it would probably only be a few lines of code to implement it. Some pretty pictures of what is being done would be nice.

Regards Syddy. :)
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