First Download available

a "Flower Power" community that may be interested in ANY part of aircraft sim creation ..... from creating models all the way to creating code
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First Download available

Post by Jel »

For the time being I am hosting Sydbod's files.
The first one is here:

Syddy can explain what's in the zip!

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Post by Shreck »

quite far it renders flawlessly,except some show through areas in the 2d cockpit view......the FM is just like Lucasfilms Star Wars X-wing :lol:
have a million questions....i'll ask them later though as grandson is visiting 8)
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Post by sydbod »

I am glad you like it Shreck.

I have the next installment almost ready.
There is a problem still with the networking library, it is being worked on at the moment. Once that library is fixed, then we will have a proper client/host/server mode in the game.

The new version also has bullets with gun convergence.

As I still don't have a proper 3D aircraft, I am looking at replacing it temporarily with a Biplane model. This will give a proper 3D cockpit.

This way I will be able to activate object collision code so that ground starts and bullet impacts will be possible.

After that comes the flight model, and then we are ready for some FUN flying on the net in multiplayer, as we slowly integrate the extra features.
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