Second Download Available

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Second Download Available

Post by sydbod »

Well folks.... here it is.

I have been in a holding pattern for some weeks waiting for a new release of the game library that I am using.
Hopefully it will be released some time this year.
This release is just a slightly more polished version of the other release .....but a little prettier.

Currently it is at the FTP server, in the Rodnoc folder. It is also called

Just unzip the contents {internal folder and all) to your desktop and run the file called Project.exe.

First time you run it, it will ask you a few questions that should be answered in the following way.
First question it will ask is if you want to be a client or a host.
Make sure you hit the "h" or the "H" key and then enter.

All the other queries that the game will ask, should be answered with just the ENTER key by itself, so that it will use its default values.

Of course those that have been running this game under Multiplayer mode will already know how to set the game up for this mode.

Hopefully Jelly will be able to host another download for those that don't have access to the FTP server soon.

Hopefully when the new game library release comes out, I will be able to rewrite this game again, and continue with its development.

Regards sydbod :)

EDIT: you will require rudder control on your joystick for this one, otherwise the aircraft will be going in circles.
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Post by Jel »

I have downloaded it and uploaded it to my page so that Peter can give the link to people who do not have access to the Coders FTP server

The original is still there but re-named as ""

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