Status 2013

The 1st World War in the Middle East: The Sinai-Palestine-Syria, Mespot, and Hejaz theatres
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Status 2013

Post by Moggy »

This will be a separate planeset within the Middle East scenario for 128F/129
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Re: Status 2013

Post by Jel »

I have a 1.29 version running with a planeset.
The main problem at the moment is the "eaw_ttd.dat" file.
It needs to be converted to the 'Geawttd2.dat" form and the converter program is not reading it at the moment.
I need to know how many tiles and how many objects (max) per tile it used.

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Post by FlyRight »

i got in this time...Jel!
Mespot has been stuck in "proposal" status!!! but ill be making menus like this test sample for an eaw default or recycled for a WWI conversion of Iraqi AW....
Image am not sure which planeset Moggy is referring to???
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