Status May 2008

The Swiss defence against Luftwaffe incursions
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Status May 2008

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I'm working on this project as part of my current attempt to clear the back burners.

I've expanded the project so that it not only deals with the deliberate incursions into Swiss airspace by the Luftwaffe in May/June 1940 and the air battles that resulted, but so that a fictional scenario for Operation Tannenbaum, the planned Axis invasion of Switzerland can be played out. The latter has required the British slots to be turned over to the Regia Aeronautica, and rather more airfields and other locations in Switzerland be added. My Dunkirk map already included RA bases in northern Italy, and Luftwaffe bases in Southern Germany, Austria, and the Czech protectorate.

There will be different frontlines for the May/June incursions (France still an Allied country) and the projected October 1940 date for Tannenbaum (Switzerland now entirely surrounded by hostile territory).

I have completed the aircraft list as far as possible (there are a few exact biplane shapes missing but I have used the next best thing). I have made aircraft selection and hangar screens.

The original EAW programmers didn't make much of Switzerland on the EAW map for obvious reasons. So now I'm having to remodel the topography (adding lakes and valleys), and add towns, villages, and railways.

Luckily Jelly's new tools make most of this a lot easier than used to be the case when all addons were hand crafted with hex editors.

Hopefully a public beta before too long.
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