a "Flower Power" community that may be interested in ANY part of aircraft sim creation ..... from creating models all the way to creating code
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This is a new forum based upon the following principles.

1) Every member that posts in here has an equal right to their opinion.

2) No LEGACY arguments that deal with EAW have any place within this particular forum.

3) The rules and regulations of this site will be respected.

4) ANY discussions that deal with Aircraft Sims, whether model creation or code creation are welcome in this particular forum.

The Purpose of this forum is to enable members to develop their skills and knowledge in an environment that has other like minded people doing the same.

This forum was created because of a research project called "Project CONDOR" actually reached a level of development where it could be of value to others in their own research or quest for knowledge.

Any material developed by the members of this forum should be made freely available to any other member of this forum (YES the full source code from the old "Project CONDOR" and how to compile it will also be made available to all that want it).

If people want to do some experiments with certain model features and require an engine to run that model feature ....... they will have it here.
If people want to try certain programing features within a game engine .... they can do it here.
If people want to create landscapes and models for a modern game engine ...... they can do it here.

Basically if you want to experiment with, or be involved in the creative side of making a new flight sim, then please come here and join those of us that will be posting here.

Regards sydbod.

Of Interest:
"Project Condor" was a name already taken by another group of people, so you can guess where "Project RODNOC" has its origin.
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