"Attack in the West"

Temporary page for Moggy's new installer version

Installer File (68 MB)

Important! Please read the instructions below ...



Important! Uninstall any previous installer version of AITW first using the control panel "add/remove programmes feature"

Set up a crisp new EAW install called "AITW40" at whatever location you prefer and make sure it is working.

Download the installer zip file, and unzip the installer exe. Run the installer exe and choose to install into your AITW40 folder-This will set up all the folders and files required.

When flying AITW you always first use the manager programmes installed in the W40 subfolder to make the proper file setups (aircraft, frontlines etc)

AITWMain.exe manages DOM's specially constructed pilot careers for AITW and also lets you use his AITW utilities for saving/retrieving careers etc.

W40Singl.exe manages single missions for the nation and date of your choice.

Once either manager has setup the files you exit and then start EAW proper.

If flying a career, you go to the career screen and load the single career file placed there by the career manager.

Don't forget at the end of a career mission you exit EAW and re-run the Manager to set up the next career mission. You don't click on "next mission" whilst still in EAW.

I recomend that to avoid the garbled cockpit problem you use one of the recent eaw.exe files

XP users - don't forget your EAW executable should be renamed "eaw.exe" whatever it's original name was. Otherwise XP will not recognise it and run in the correct compatibility mode.

Please let me know what happens at the EAW board on SimHQ.


Features AITW 1.5 Beta2 (1st June 2006):

This newer version of the AITW is somewhat heavier as it is rather nearer the final version of the AITW 1.5 upgrade and contains these new additions:

a number of hi-res aircraft in the Bf109, Bf110, Ju87, D520, MS406 (GC III/1 position only at the moment), Hawk 75, Belgian Hurricane slots ...

full French speech pack ...

French LeO451 and Bre693 and Luftwaffe Ju52 available for single mission setups ...

alternative installation for the RAF Defiant career ...

ability to install AITW wherever you want it on your computer ...


The upgrade is not yet finished and this is a version for testing only.


The next beta release (sometime soon) will include