"Sighted Main Body"

The Battles at Midway Island 3rd-6th June 1942

Midway Aircraft Upgrades

Air Groups for the Midway Addon

First Aircraft Upgrade

It is now over four years since I released the first version of "Main Body Sighted" the Midway add-on for EAW, and in that period I have made a few maintenance fixes, and Captain Kurt virtually remade all the aircraft.

The First Aircraft Upgrade therefore includes all the Midway aircraft updates and fixes to date.

The package consolidates all updates to the aircraft done by Captain Kurt since the original release of this add-on in April 2001 - this includes Devastator (Oct 2002), Avenger (Feb 2003), Kates and Wildcats (Aug 2003), PBY Brewster and Vals (March 2004), Dauntless (April 2004), Zero and Vindicator (May 2004).

The package includes Captain Kurt's hi-res B17 dressed in Midway colours, with Pobs' bomber cockpit for more accurate placement of the payload.

Many thanks to Captain Kurt who made this aircraft upgrade possible, and my apologies to him for the delay. I was waiting for Midway 2.0 to be completed, and whereas that is now in sight with the work done by Shreck and others to make a new theatre, a lot of work still requires to be done. These aircraft will work happily with the existing theatre and there is no reason why players who don't have them should wait anymore, especially having Wudpecker's recent alternative weather and terrain setups as a backdrop to play against.

These aircraft packages also include Claudio Wilches cockpits for the Zeros, Kates, Avenger, and Dauntless'. I have also included the small upgrades I made to the hardpoints for the Marauder (May 2001), and the correct shadows for the Midway aircraft (Feb 2002). I have added Claudio's maritime aircraft cockpit (originally made for the Ventura) to the PBY package, and the dive bomber cockpit (originally made for the Stuka in the Dunkirk package) to the Val packages since I think these cockpits work better for those aircraft than the default cockpits, or those offered in the original Midway package.


Simply download the aircraft upgrade zip archive and extract it inside your Midway folder with the "use saved folder name" (or similar) option turned on.

Upgrades common to the whole add-on will install in your Midway folder.

Alternative skins for each of the US and Japanese carrier groups involved will automatically be installed in a hierarchy of subfolders, and other folders will contain alternative skins for the second Zero slot.

You will then have a choice of the various skins for the US and Japanese Carrier Air Groups depending on the missions you are flying. The text files for both the US and Japanese saved missions packages indicate which carriers were involved in each of the missions, so you can adapt the skins used to missions flown.

To use the alternative skins, simply copy the files from any air group subfolder to your main Midway folder

As there are two Zero slots, you can also load another Zero skin from the "2ndslot" subfolders into that slot.

Note - the new hi-res B17 requires the included flight model files and Midway.exe (which is based on eaw12a.exe) to work properly.

In so far as I have separate readme files for the various aircraft and cockpits etc, they are included in this package to give further credit to all involved.


Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force

First Carrier Strking Force(First Mobile Force)

First Air Fleet

Carrier Division 1



Carrier Division 2




Midway Invasion Force (Second Fleet)

Second Fleet Main Body



US Air Forces

Midway Naval Air Station

US Navy

Patrol Wings 1 and 2 detached and VT-8 detached

US Marine Corps Second Marine Air Wing

Marine Air Group 22


7th Air Force detached


US Navy Carrier Striking Force

Task Force 17

USS Yorktown

Yorktown Air Group (VF-3, VT-3, VB-3)


Task Force 16

USS Enterprise

Enterprise Air Group (VF-6, VT-6, VB-6)


USS Hornet

Hornet Air Group (VF-8, VT-8 VS-8)

Download First Midway Aircraft Upgrade HERE


New! Second Aircraft Upgrade

This package includes the new hi-res Gruman Wildcat model by Col. Gibbon, with stunning hi-res skins by DeanH for the three USN Air Groups and the USMC squad based on Midway Island


(1) Make sure you have the original Midway installation installed with the First Aircraft Upgrade

(2) Simply download the Second Aircraft Upgrade zip archive and extract it inside your Midway folder with the "use saved folder name" (or similar) option turned on.

(3) Upgrades common to the whole add-on will install in your Midway folder.

(4) Alternative skins for each of the US carrier groups involved will automatically be installed in the existing Airgroups hierarchy of subfolders

Download Second Midway Aircraft Upgrade HERE



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