"Sighted Main Body"

The Battles at Midway Island 3rd-6th June 1942

Development Pack

These are the skins and objects I created for use in this addon and are made available here for anyone to further develop.


The Aircraft Carriers

IJN Akagi

These are developed from basic scans of the carrier decks, coloured and textured, and placed in a rectangular panel which replaces the runway panel in the original EAW airbase 3dz file. The panel is then reduced to the 256x256 skin file

IJN Zuiho

Some of the deck colours and schemes - as for the Zuiho - are speculative, as there is no definitive information on Japanese carrier decks in the early stages of the war. It is fairly clear that unlike the American ships, little was done to camouflage the decks, and the US Dauntless pilots remember yellow decks and the prominent rising sun which they used as a target marker.

USS Yorktown


Carrier Islands and Masts

Skins for US and Japanese Carrier islands developed from scans of illustrations of the actual islands

Standard radio mast for all the carriers, principal mast for the Japanese carriers without an island, and mast for the US carriers.

The 3dz object which carries the mast skins is a simple one compsed of two intersecting planes ...

... which can be varied in size depending on requirements.


The Midway Terrain

The terrain in the Midway addon is generated from a wholly re-edited EAW.tm file. This new file generates a game world in which virtually all of the terrain tiles are genuine 100% water tiles. The only exceptions are the land tiles at Midway atoll and the part land/part water tiles on which the carriers stand. Both these latter tiles have been repainted to merge in with the original EAW low-res water tiles which form the rest of the terrain.

These are the tiles field1, field2, field4 and field5. All the coastal shapes here, and all the sand, sea, and grass and scrub textures were developed from original EAW terrain tiles using Paint Shop Pro, and especially the clone brush.

Different sea colours could be developed for the addon by repainting the deepsea textures on the Midway tiles and repainting the part land/part water tiles coast3 and coast5 using the sea textures from the terrain of choice. Elsewhere the edited EAW.tm will use the genuine 100% water tile from the terrain set, so that only those seven terrain tiles need to be in the EAW directory.

Download Midway Development Pack (2.0 MB) here


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