"Sighted Main Body"

The Battles at Midway Island 3rd-6th June 1942

Alternative Mainscreens

Download and csreen individually and drop the Main2.pic file into your EAW directory


Use Earoks Random Mainscreen Selector for Midway Here

This package contains all the Midway mainscreens in the form to be used with the mainscreen selector so that a mainscreen is selected randomly everytime you start EAW. Simply install the files in the archive in a folder (for example called "screens") in your Midway EAW folder. Edit the batch file line for the name of your EAW executable (i.e. whether eaw.exe, eaw12a.exe etc) and point your start up icon to the batch file instead of the executable.

Devastator Dauntless Brewster

Wildcat Avenger PBY

Akagi Admirals

Kate Zero Val


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