" Sighted Main Body"

The Battles at Midway Island 3rd-6th June 1942

Menu Screens

I have tried to use photographs and artistic materials that give a flavour and atmosphere of the time. The aircraft selection screens include propaganda posters and images of admirals Nimitz and Yamamoto and Captain Fleming USMC. In a tribute to the brave men involved in this great battle, for the "hangar" screens I tried to use photos of the actual Midway aircraft and aircrews as far as these were available.


Main Menu

The main screen artwork is "Task Force Hornets" by Lawrence Beal-Smith


Aircraft selection and "hangar" screens

Japanese aircraft selection screen above, and "hangar" screens below.

The main screen background is a Japanese propaganda map showing claimed achievements and future ambitious designs on Australia and the United States



US Navy Aircraft selection screen above, and "hanfar" screens below.

The screen background is "The Battle of Midway" by Robert Benney

The portrait of Admiral Nimitz is by William Draper



US Marine Corps and USAAF aircraft selection screen above, and "hangar" screens below.

The screen background is an aerial photo of Midway NAS taken in November 1941.

The portrait is Capt. Richard E. Fleming USMC, pilot and acting CO of VSMB-241 who was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his role in the Vindicator attacks on both the Japanese carriers and the battleship Mikuma.


Single mission screens

My thanks to Paulo Morais for the wsp sprite editing utility which made this work considerably less time consuming

The portraits on the left of the screen are Rear Admirals Spruance (TF16 Yorktown), Fletcher (USN Pacific Carrier Striking Force and TF17 Enterprise and Hornet), and Nagumo (Japanese First Carrier Strking Force Akagi, Kaga, Hiryu and Soryu)

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