Moggy's Notes

(5) VCG_????.dat

Places the needles for the working guages in the 3d cockpits

So far I have established a basic idea of the form of the vcg file. All the vcg files are the same length, but deal with varying numbers of instruments. The file is in three parts:

(1) a four byte header, the first byte of which tells you how many instrument chunks are in the file (spit09 has 0f=15, p38j has 13=19)

(2) a maximum of 20 x 12 byte chunks which I assume are the data for each individual readable instrument. The instrument chunks are in this form:

24 04 00 df 00 1d 00 00 00 00 00 f5 00 (the third instrument in vcg_sp09.dat)

The first byte of each chunk is I think the code for the instrument type. Experimentation (setting all values to 00) shows that "04" is the rev counter, for the only or the left engine, "05" is the rev counter for engine no.2 on the right. vcg_sp09.dat has an "04" chunk for its single rev counter, but not an "05" chunk. vcg_p38j.dat has both "04" and "05" chunks both rev counters.

(3) a 32 byte tailpiece. At the moment I cannot interpret this at all.


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