"Attack in the West"

This brilliant addon for EAW models the German invasion of The Netherlands, Belgium, and Holland in May 1940. Powered by a whole new campaign and single mission mission engine devised and programmed by DOM, players can fly either as the invading Germans, or the defending French, Dutch, Belgians, or British. The aircraft and squadrons are as historically accurate as possible, as are the dynamic campaign frontlines. At DOM's invitation I modelled the town, the beaches, and the evacuation fleet for inclusion, and these features appear in camapigns at the time of the Dunkerque evacuation. My compliments to DOM whose work brought this addon in to being, to Emil whose work on a similar campaign was included, to all of those who worked on the aircraft 3dz models and skins, and finally to Captain Kurt who pulled it all together for release.


AITW 1.5 beta Installer version

The 1.5 AITW upgrade is a work currently in progress. A beta version can be downloaded from this page.

Please note and follow the instrcutions


AITW Original Manual Install Version Main Files

Setup Information (0.9 MB)

Get this first and read all the setup information. You must follow DOM's instructions carefully. In particular

(1) you must make your new EAW installation folder "AITW40" exactly in the path specified,

(2) within that you must create a "savedata" subfolder

W40 Folder (4.1 MB) Common Folder (4.2 MB) Aircraft Folders 1 (3.25 MB) Aircraft Folders 2 (3.5 MB) Medals (1.5 MB)

These files are the heart of the addon. The original archives are contained within these download zip files. The files must go in their proper places in the new folders required by the addon - So

(1) extract the setup archives from the download zips

(2) unzip the setup archives to the locations instructed making sure to use the stored folders option

If you get error messages and other problems setting the exact path as specified, use DOM's Pathfix programme here.

Coastlines (0.5 MB) Voice Pack (0.5 MB)

These are additional files to be placed in the new EAW installation folder

PCX Files (1.0 MB)

These are the pcx skinfiles for those who would like to create alternative squadrons

DOM's AITW utilities

AITWManager (340 Kb)

By using this new utility you can directly launch :

- the campaign mode manager (formerly W40.exe)

- the single mission mode manager (formerly SMissW40.exe)

- the NEW Career manager utility which now enables you to manage up to seven campaigns

- the no-enemy-aircraft campaign missions generator

- the Aircraft SubFolders editor (set up as many as 255 alternative skins for each aircraft)

- the AITW40 path set-up fix

CareerLinker (90 Kb)

This DOS utility is designed to copy your exact score (scores, missions, rank, points and medals) from a campaign you've completed to another one you are starting. As well, the details of the missions listed in the logbook of your previous campaign(s) can be copied to the new campaign logbook to a maximum of 80 missions. The 'Attack in the West 1940' addon uses career files in a specific format. This Career Linker utility is 'AITW40' compatible, i.e. it can import data from a classic EAW career file (Poland campaign for example) to an AITW career file and vice versa. It will now be possible for example to take the same pilot through the attack on Poland, the Battle of France, the Battle of Britain, and on into the later war campaigns.

Other AITW Files

Get Laurent Chambon's essential full French speech pack from Sandbaggers Speech Page

GhostBoy's German Bomber Pack (5.0 MB)

This contains many new non-mirrored skins to add into the slot folders for German bombers. There are 12 Stuka skins, 10 Me110C skins, 8 Do17 skins, 8 He111 skins and 8 Ju88a1 skins. The randplan file to allow this modification is also included.

Von Ron's British, French, Dutch and Belgian authentic medals at Stan's Stuff


Moggy's replacement menu music

AITW Menu Music (8.0 MB)

Place the .bgm file in the ...\AITW40\music folder - if you haven't got one create one


The Firm's RAF 264 Squadron Defiant Career for AITW

Readme Download

This package contains replacement files to patch the Defiant into the AITW British Hurricane slot, and fly a career based on the exploits of RAF 264 Squadron over the beaches of Dunkirk.

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