Dunkirk: May 1940

The New Aircraft and Models

With the exception of the V-156, the first eight aircraft were created specially by me for the Dunkirk scenario. The V-156 had been worked on beforehand by The Firm and was a development of Woolfman's original Vindicator.

The Swordfish was substantially worked up from Woolfman's pioneering biplane 3dz, with the model now split into five parts to deal with rendering and normal problems. The Hudson was based on that very useful PAW B25 3dz, as was the LeO451. The Amiot 354 was based on a reverse engineering of Captain Kurt's Betty. The Potez 63.11 and the Bre 693 were both based on the default Bf 110c 3dz. The Hs126, which I lost the original files on and had to start again, was based originally on Knegel's Hs 123, and was finished with some help from Andy.

The British fighters were worked up from existing 3dz models and were given an approximation of the black and white colour scheme of early 1940 by means of paste-on files

These planes are now released (in their ECA Panel slots where they have one) for individual use. My thanks to Captain Kurt, RedEyes, Flyright, Gramps, SagginB, FreddyB, Flying Sheep, Nico, Andy and Claudio, who provided direction, FM and guns editing, skins, cockpits, 3dz and loadout tweaking, and helped me to get these birds in the air. They are by no means intended to be final models so are freely available for improvement.

Swordfish I of 825 Sqn Fleet Air Arm. Hudson I of 220 Sqn RAF Coastal Command

Vought V-156 of Esc AB-1 Aeronavale. LeO 451 of GB II/12 Armee de l'Air.

Amiot 354 of GB II/21 Armee de l'Air. Potez 63.11 of GR I/14 Armee de l'Air.

Breguet 693 of GBA I/51 Armee de l'Air. Henschel Hs-126 of 3.(H)/13 Luftwaffe.

Hurricane of 1 Squadron AASF Hurricane of 17 Squadron 11 Group

Spitfire of 19 Squadron 11 Group Defiant of 264 Squadron 11 Group

MB152 of GC II/8

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