Dunkirk: May 1940

The purpose of this add-on is to establish a theatre for May-June 1940 and provide historical single mission packages for Axis and Allied air forces at that crucial time. The first and principal part of the package deals with the air combat in and around the Dunkirk Evacuation, the first true combat between the Luftwaffe and the RAF.

This add-on does not use the EAW campaign engine, but instead uses saved single missions which are the closest approximation allowable with the limitations of the game, to the actual missions flown at the time by the squadrons involved. Where possible this information has been obtained from squadron histories. Where detailed information is not available, the mission packages represent the type of missions which that squadron was involved.

The Squadron Missions engine developed for this add-on enables you to select the squadron and the phase of the operation. The missions for that period are loaded together with appropriate front-line and target information. You can then load and fly each mission using the single set-up screen. Although you will known the purpose and target location of your mission, to add realism, you will not see in the set-up screen the type of enemy aircraft to be encountered.

The Dunkirk Manager

The Dunkirk Manager is a batch file called Dunkirk.bat which after installation is complete you will find in your \squadata sub-folder. You should make your shortcut with one of the icons provided to the Manager and not to the exe files in the main Dunkirk folder.

Always start this add-on with the Manager!

This add-on runs in a number of independent modes, depending on whether squadron missions are being flown, or whether day time or night time is chosen. The Dunkirk manager is a collection of batch files which make all this quite simple for the player. The Manager will present you with menus and allow you to choose "open" Day or Night modes or Squadron Mission Allied or Axis modes. It will swap in all appropriate files for the chosen mode, sometimes give tips for using certain aircraft, and finally start the game.

These files establish Western Europe in May-June 1940, with Belgium and Netherlands already occupied by Germany, and the French and British forces pushed back to the Flanders pocket and to south of the Seine. RAF Fighter, Bomber, and Coastal Command together with units of the Fleet Air Arm fly from bases in Britain, with the Advanced Air Striking Force still flying from scratch bases in northern France. Also in France are the bases of the Armee de l'Air and the Aeronavale. Some units of the Luftwaffe still fly from their original bases in Germany, whilst others have advanced into France and the low countries. The Kriegsmarine holds the Channel Ports and former Dutch bases, whilst having its main strength in the North Sea and Heligoland Bight.

Also appearing on the map are industrial targets and bases in Germany, and what was Austria and Czechoslovakia, then part of Greater Germany. There are also bases in Italy and Switzerland to be used in forthcoming additional modules.

At the centre of the theatre is the town and port of Dunkirk with the evacuation fleet reaching across the English Channel back to Margate and Dover.

Dunkirk East Mole Dunkirk Harbour La Panne Beaches

Evacuation fleet toward Gavelines Approaching Deal Harbour Dover Harbour and home

The ground object files for Dunkirk are selected from the work of the established masters in this field together with objects especially created for this add-on. Particular honours to Pobs for his Matilda and Panzer tanks, and the Dunkirk moles. These zip files are not split and do need to be recombined. These separate packages include the creator's original readme files.

Matilda Mk II Panzer III and trenches U-Boats at Heligoland

The original mainscreen was an idea by RedEyes, developed by me to exclude options not required, and finalised by FreddyB who also did the French main screen, and others for the forthcoming additional modules

The default aircraft in this add-on are (1) a collection of existing 3dz models and skins by Flying Sheep, The Firm, Captain Kurt, Wolfman, Tailspin, Claudio, Captain Manduca, Paulo, Migge, JulioJ, Hynkel, Emil, Varonh, Cord, Mosi, and Ghostboy, some with small revisions by me, in the light of new work by Illu and others, and (2) aircraft specially created, or substantially revised for this add-on by me or Captain Kurt or Andy, with new skins by SagginB, RedEyes, FreddyB, Andy, Gramps, and Nico.

Amiot 354 Bre 693 LeO 451

  V156 Hudson MB 152

Hurricane (11 Group) Swordfish (Fleet Air Arm) Skua (Fleet Air Arm)

Hs126 Bf 109E Ju52/3m

Hurricane (AASF) Spitfire Ia (11 Group) Defiant (11 Group)

He 111 Ju87-B Ju88-A

Non-default cockpits and wing views are by me or Claudio with additional work by Illu and Colonel Gibbon. The flight models and gun settings are from Charles' ECAP, with many (especially dive bombers) substantially modified by Flyright. Loadout editing was done by me, except for the HS126 which was done by Andy whose German bomb package is also used.

Some aircraft such as the Bf 109s, Bf110s, Spitfire, Hurricanes can of course be replaced by aircraft of your choice.

 Download 1.51 Installer Version (68 MB)

Download 1.0 manual install version and Interim Fixes

Download 1.5 manual upgrade (Requires 1.0 and Fixes)

Download Individual Aircraft

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