Dunkirk: May 1940

Automatic Installer Single Download

For those with very fast modems and connections the most up to date version of the add-on, 1.51 can be downloaded as a single 63 MB zip file which contains an Installshield installer file which will set up the add-on in a matter of minutes.

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Download for Manual Installation

These are the details for download and installation for those with standard modems and connections.

The most up to date manual installation version is 1.5

You will need to download the original 1.0 version, and then patch it with:

(1) the missing skin file, (2) the upgraded Manager Dunkirk.exe and (3) then the 1.5 upgrade package

Please take time to read and consider the instructions for setting up this add-on. Although you cannot just simply throw all these files into an EAW folder, the set-up is not difficult provided you follow the instructions.

I would recommend a separate EAW install, and certainly the squadron missions set-up will not work without a separate EAW install.

EAW does not make any alterations to your system registry, and therefore you may have as many installations of the game as your hard disk can handle.

Manual Installation Readme Files

Most of the set-up archives below are zip files split into numbered parts each about 740kb to ease the task of downloading. For these files it is necessary to download all the parts for each zip and recombine them with the batch file provided. Detailed instructions are given in the installation readme.

Note that i.e. Terrain1 downloads terrain000.zip - and so on - to Terrain6 which downloads terrain005.zip

Some zips are small enough not to require splitting and recombining - these are indicated by file size

If you experience difficulties downloading these files - they can also be obtained from Sandbagger's EAW Frontlines site:



Main add-on Files

Theatre Files

Theatre 1 Theatre 2

Theatre Recombine

Ground Object Files

Geo (280kb) Ghostboy (970kb) Airfields (17kb) Moggy (550kb) Pobs (400kb) SagginB (500kb)

Terrain Files

Terrain 1 Terrain 2 Terrain 3

Terrain 4 Terrain 5 Terrain 6

Terrain Recombine

Screens and Menus Files

Screens 1 Screens 2 Screens 3

Screens Recombine

Hangar Files

Hangars 1 Hangars 2 Hangars 3

Hangars Recombine

Introduction Files

Intro 1 Intro 2 Intro 3 Intro 4 Intro 5 Intro 6

Intro 7 Intro 8 Intro 9 Intro 10 Intro 11

Intro Recombine

Music Files

Music 1 Music 2 Music 3

Music Recombine

Aircraft Files

Aircraft 1 Aircraft 2 Aircraft 3 Aircraft 4

Aircraft 5 Aircraft 6 Aircraft 7 Aircraft 8

Aircraft Recombine

Default Single Mission Files

Default Mission files (3kb)

Squadron Mission Set-up Files

Sqd-data 1 Sqd-data 2 Sqd-data 3

Sqd-data 4 Sqd-data 5 Sqd-data 6

Sqd-data Recombine

Squadron Mission Files

Sqd-msns 1 Sqd-msns 2 Sqd-msns 3 Sqd-msns 4

Sqd-msns 5 Sqd-msns 6 Sqd-msns 7 Sqd-msns 8 Sqd-msns 9

Sqd-msns 10 Sqd-msns 11 Sqd-msns 12 Sqd-msns 13 Sqd-msns 14

Sqd-msns Recombine

Other Sound Files

Sounds 1 Sounds 2 Sounds 3

Sounds Recombine

Icon Files

Icons (31kb)


French Speech Pack and Speech Fixes

French Controller

French Controller (781kb)

French Bombers

French Bomber 1 French Bomber 2 French Bomber 3

French Bomber Recombine

French Fighters

French Fighter 1 French Fighter 2 French Fighter 3 French Fighter 4

French Fighter 5 French Fighter 6 French Fighter 7 French Fighter 8

French Fighter 9 French Fighter 10 French Fighter 11 French Fighter 12

French Fighter 13 French Fighter 14 French Fighter 15 French Fighter 16

French Fighter 17 French Fighter 18 French Fighter 19 French Fighter 20 French Fighter 21

French Fighter Recombine

Speech Fixes for Dunkirk

Dunkirk German Speech Fix (69k) Dunkirk British Speech Fix (69k) Dunkirk French Speech Fix (69k)


Fixes for Dunkirk Files

The Missing Skin file


it goes in your EAW-Dunkirk main folder

Main screen Fix

This is for those who get colour problems on the Open main screens or Squadron Mission main screens.

It must be downloaded and recombined as the large download files above. Directions for use are given in the separate readme.

Screenfix1 Screenfix2 Screenfix3 Screenfix4 Screenfix5 Screenfix6

Screenfix Recombine

Dunkirk Manager.exe

This replaces the original batch file based Manager for all operating systems, and now enables the full functionality of the add-on including squadron mission mode in Windows XP . If you have any XP compatibility problems, please review the XP threads on the EAW boards at SimHQ.com or Frugals' Sim site.

Please download the readme file first as to installing the new Manager

New Manager Readme Dunkirk Manager.exe


1.5 Upgrade

The 1.5 upgrade package includes hi-res replacements for the Bf 109s, Bf110s, Hurricanes, Spitfire, and Ju87, a new set of Dunkirk sky files, and incidental corrections to some screens and the Manager Dunkirk.exe.

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If you experience difficulties downloading these files - they can also be obtained from Sandbagger's EAW Frontlines site:


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