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Moggy's EAW webpage

This website contains expansions and addons for the WWII flight simulator European Air War which was originally produced by Microprose


The Gen

The RAF Chattenden Discussion Board

Home of the EAW Code Group

The EAW Code Group has been working now for nearly 20 years to improve and expand the game

"The Erk's Mess" - The Gen's public board is a place to discuss and get help for EAW 1.2 (including GOG and Steam versions) and to get setup with the latest EAW version 1.6

1.6 is a huge improvement on 1.2, both in the offline and on-line multiplayer game, with many added theatres and planes

Moggy's Midway, Dunkirk, and London Blitz (Beta) scenarios for EAW 1.2

Moggy's Iraq:1941 - a work in progress and DOM's Attack in the West 1940 Campaign for EAW 1.2


Moggy's Menumusic and Mosquito cockpits and addons


For Historical Interest: Moggy's technical notes on editing EAW aircraft and files

(Most of these techniques have been superceded by Mr. Jelly's editors - for which many thanks!)


My father on the left was the real Moggy. My Uncle Ted is on the right.

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